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As you know, the world of motorsports has changed dramatically over the past two decades or so. Today, every race team looks for a sponsor that can give them the funds to edge out the competition and operate a winning team. At the same time, every sponsor looks for a race team that can give them more exposure for their marketing investment. Before you can beat the competition on the track, you have to beat the competition in the marketing industry off the race track.

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As well as being one of the top motorsport sponsorship agents in North America,  Alpha Marketing Solutions is the only official agency empowered to represent the European based television network "Motors TV", for all of North America. The main purpose of Alpha Marketing Solutions is to provide the entire motorsports industry with a unique opportunity to help race car drivers, teams and sanctioning bodies, in their search for sponsorship while offering potential sponsors maximum television air time, (i.e... thirty-second advertising slots on "Motors TV"). This in turn, creates an exclusive business to business solution that no other company can offer.

Alpha Marketing Solutions' professionals are ready and standing by to discuss your unique program now.  Series, teams, drivers and/or companies, we can get you headed in the winning direction.

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